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Today, selecting the right driveway company or landscaping company can feel like a challenge, particularly if you're not too well-versed in hardscaping. However, Abiz Landscapes Ltd is here to alleviate your concerns. Equipped with modern tooling, years of expertise and a customer-friendly outlook, we ensure a seamless project experience for customers in Guildford.

We have experience in block paving, natural stone paving, porcelain paving and pressure-treated garden fencing panels which all play an important role in the creation of a Guildford property’s hard landscaping elements.

If you are considering a new driveway, patio, garden paving or garden fencing, here are some compelling reasons to reach out to our team:

Extensive Experience

In the realm of hardscaping projects, experience is vital. Using a combined driveway and landscaping company with a proven track record is crucial. Be it a new driveway, patio or garden paving installation for a Guildford home, or parking spaces for the premises of one of our commercial clients, our team excels in planning, preparation and the flawless execution of every job.

With 15+ years of hardscaping experience, you can always trust us to deliver.

Top-End Materials

Understanding that driveways, patios, garden paving and other hardscapes endure heavy work, we prioritise the use of durable materials. Our selection of block paving, natural stone paving and porcelain paving, and of pressure-treated garden fencing panels, grants longevity and allows you to fully enjoy a hardscape for many more years to come. We view your hardscape as a lasting investment and ensure that our work is worth every penny you spend.

The testimonials of our customers in Guildford seem to agree.

Friendly and Professional Service

Unlike common expectations of reserved professionalism from other paving companies, Abiz Landscapes Ltd prioritises friendliness and courtesy. Our aim is to provide a pleasant and professional experience to every client, whether we are dealing with a homeowner or a business owner. We accommodate your schedule to ensure timely project completion, promising first-class levels of customer service, always with a warm and welcoming attitude.

You won’t find another driveway company, landscaping company or paving contractor with such an easy-going approach as that held by our team.

Guaranteed Reliability

When investing into a new hardscape for a Guildford property, trust is of the most paramount importance. We have a solid reputation and serve a diverse range of customers across the Hampshire and Surrey areas with numerous successful projects behind us. We not only guarantee a job well done, but we also ensure efficiency and fairness in pricing. This makes us a more trustworthy choice for driveways, patios, garden paving and garden fencing installations.

We know you’ll be impressed with our hard work and our cleanliness on the job, as well as with our professional approach and our relaxed demeanour.

Exceptional Workmanship

In the hardscaping sector, quality workmanship holds immense importance. Our commitment to precise and accurate execution is fundamental to the longevity of block paving, natural stone paving, porcelain paving and timber garden fencing panels. We want your Guildford hardscape to stand the tests of time, and this can only be achieved through proper installation and repair.

By choosing our paving, fencing and landscaping company, you can always be assured of superior workmanship and of high-end results that last.

Abiz Landscapes Ltd

Call our driveway and landscaping company on 0800 0016 262 (FREEPHONE) or 07502 443570 (MOBILE) for garden paving and fencing installations in Guildford.