Natural Stone and Porcelain Paving in Ascot | The Easy Way to Transform a Local Property

Have you ever seen yourself as the architect of your own success? If not, we suggest you take a confident approach to hardscaping because many of our customers in Ascot come to our combined driveway company and landscaping company with excellent ideas. It is our job to listen attentively to any creative aspirations you might have, and to turn them into something truly special. If you want a driveway, a patio or garden paving laid, or if you need garden fencing panels erected, we will turn your dreams into a reality.

In terms of surfacing, we specialise in block paving, natural stone paving and porcelain paving. Each of these materials has different attributes and we will discuss these with you so that you feel relaxed about the project ahead.

As a driveway company, we undertake all phases of development including site clearance, bulk excavation and the installation of a sub-base. In our role as a landscaping company, Abiz Landscapes Ltd can also tend to the softer elements in your outdoor space, like lawns, borders, hedges and trees.

Here, we look at the core products we use on projects in Ascot:

Block Paving

This is a decorative material often used to build driveways, garden paving and pedestrianised zones. Pavers come supplied as small units which uplift easily in the event of any damage. With a continuous hard surface like concrete or tarmac, a contractor would need to uplift the entire installation. Block paving is porous by nature and usually made from recycled materials.

We love block paving because it allows our team to lay in an exciting range of design permutations, such as herringbone and basketweave.

Natural Stone Paving

Granite, Indian sandstone, limestone and slate are just four of the different natural stone paving materials we use to lay driveways, patios and garden paving. Formed underground over millions of years, natural stone has a unique appearance that can’t be replicated or reproduced under normal factory conditions. This material comes in the form of slabs and as tiles.

Natural stone paving is an attractive choice for any garden in Ascot and this durable material has a full life expectancy of at least 20 years.

Porcelain Paving

A perfect alternative to natural stone, porcelain paving is a compressed clay tile with high-resolution images printed onto the surface. Slabs are fired at high temperatures to make them tough, resilient and resistant to water. The printing process allows manufacturers to replicate timber, so a patio could look like a deck, or natural stone to give garden paving a refined finish.

Porcelain paving slabs are durable, low in maintenance, versatile, high in quality and perfectly suited to a wide range of applications in Ascot.

Garden Fencing

Our combined driveway company and landscaping company also erects a choice of garden fencing panels, including close board and gravel board. We only use pressure-treated timber panels which we support with your choice of timber or concrete posts. A new fence can mark boundaries, add privacy to a garden, make it more secure and offer better containment.

Abiz Landscapes Ltd also undertakes garden fencing repairs in Ascot to secure your property across all four seasons after periods of strong wind.

Abiz Landscapes Ltd

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