Natural Stone and Block Paving in Farnborough | Added Property Resale Values

If you own a property in Farnborough and want to add market resale value in the event of a relocation, there are some fantastic additions you can make. Abiz Landscapes Ltd is a combined driveway company and landscaping company. While builders and tradespeople can make your home’s interior more attractive to prospective buyers, it is the exterior that will catch their attention first. If you have block paving, natural stone paving or porcelain paving laid, your property will be bursting at the seams with curb appeal.

And in addition to driveways, patios and garden paving, our talented team can also supply garden fencing panels made from pressure-treated timber.

Learn how our installations add welcome value to Farnborough homes here.

The Practical Benefits

Let’s talk about functionality first and our role as a driveway company. With a new driveway, you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot outside the home every night. Instead, you can park on top of block paving or one of our natural stone paving driveways knowing your vehicle is at less risk to theft and accidents. In some cases, you could see your insurance costs reduce because, parked on a driveway, intruders won’t risk being caught on CCTV.

If you would like us to use porcelain for a patio or garden paving installation in Farnborough, then porcelain paving slabs would be strong enough to handle the weight of foot traffic, garden furniture and other outdoor items.

Garden fencing also has a host of practical benefits. Close board and gravel board fencing both enhance privacy, security and containment, while picket fencing is ideal for demarcation and for adding a touch of decorative flair.

Because we trade as a landscaping company too, you can be sure that the lawn, and any borders, hedges and trees, will also look resplendent.

The Financial Benefits

Ultimately, a professional standard of installation will get a Farnborough home seen for all the right reasons. Curb appeal, particularly in the context of putting a property on the market, is all about how attractive the exterior is when viewed from the street. A local business that combines the services of a driveway company and a landscaping company boosts the appearance of outdoor space without homeowners having to deal with multiple contractors.

We prefer to install block paving, natural stone paving and porcelain paving as alternatives to concrete and tarmac because all three have better curb appeal and make your home more appealing when a buyer comes calling.

Driveways, patios, garden paving and garden fencing are additions that will help you achieve a solid return on investment from a Farnborough home.

Abiz Landscapes Ltd

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