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A neglected and unloved garden has a big impact on the appearance of a property in a few different ways. For example, being greeted with a bit of an eyesore every time you look out the window, or perhaps seeing something outdated and in need of some TLC, can discourage you from getting out in the fresh air and truly enjoying your own dedicated slice of nature.

Likewise, many Farnham properties see their market values plummet due to a total lack of curb appeal or “project” back gardens that would-be buyers see themselves having to shell out more money on. Luckily, as a driveway company and landscaping company covering the Hampshire area, Abiz Landscapes Ltd helps you to beautify and add value to your garden.

Working with materials including natural stone, block paving and porcelain paving, we can create attractive features, all tailored to your unique tastes, which complement the architectural features and idiosyncrasies of a home.

We even erect garden fencing which will help you secure your garden and shield it from prying eyes. Below, we provide further information for Farnham residents who have stumbled across this page so that they can figure out the right approach for updating their home’s critical landscaping elements.


As the first thing that anyone sees when approaching a property, a driveway has a lot of heavy lifting to do on the curb appeal front. Old installations can make your property unappealing and ramshackle on the first appraisal. It also leads to damage to vehicles, or injuries to people approaching on foot, due to loosened flagstones, potholes and other types of surface damage.

As a driveway company working with block paving, brick and natural stone paving, we can find an option that’ll perfectly suit your Farnham property’s façade (with the appropriate maintenance available to suit your needs).

Garden Paving

Implementing high quality natural stone paving, block paving or porcelain paving to create snaking paths, or breakout areas for housing planters and ornaments, and even patios for entertaining on warm summer evenings, can completely transform a Farnham home. Our landscaping company takes the time to show its clients examples of the results we have achieved in the past.

We suggest our own creative ideas for establishing a functional, accessible and visually striking garden paving scheme that’s sure to impress.

Garden Fencing

There is so much that can be achieved with the correct choice of garden fencing. Far more than simply marking a perimeter, the right fencing will address security and privacy concerns while aesthetically complementing surrounding elements such as plants (consider a strategically placed trellis over which plants can climb), garden paving or a driveway if it is garden fencing for the front of the property that you want us to install.

By choosing Abiz Landscapes Ltd, Farnham residents can select from a full range of different timber garden fencing styles, including close board and gravel board, which maximise the value they get out of their investment.

If it has been some time since you invested into your Farnham property, why not give our landscaping company and driveway company a call? Whether working with block paving, natural stone paving or porcelain paving, or when erecting garden fencing to afford your home more privacy, we are here to help breathe new life into it, create a fresh feel and improve functionality.

Call today to arrange a free survey, consultation and quotation.

Abiz Landscapes Ltd

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